laravel homestead stops with SSH auth method: private key

When installing Laravel homestead today on macOS 10.12, and lost some hours trying to find a fix. Finally, after several reinstallations, reboots, and trial and error, I somehow got it to work by following these steps:

  • Completely uninstall and reinstall Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Homestead.
  • Ensure the homestead-7 box is shut down within the VirtualBox UI
  • Right-click the homestead-7 box, and choose Settings
  • Click 'Network' Under 'Adapter 1', which should be attached to NAT, click 'Advanced' Tick the box beside 'Cable Connected'
    Save settings, and reprovision Homestead with vagrant up --provision
  • Run vagrant reload --provision to reprovision the machine

That should be it! I was able to SSH in after this.
If you cant view sites through the browser (even though you configured the /etc/hosts file), a simple reboot of the Mac can fix it.

Given I don't know what exactly caused this in the first place, this might just be a bit of luck for your case.